Africa trade economies benchmark with KenTrade’s Success

Manager Customer Service and Contact Centre Ms Rose Ronoh second right and Assistant Manager, Marketing Evelyn Wamae (extreme left) with the Nigerian delegation at the KenTrade’s KenTrade Contact Centre.

The global interest in KenTrade continues to rise as the state Agency delivers on its key mandate of facilitating cross border trade in Kenya.KenTrade’s success with the Single Window System and also the exemplary InfoTrade Kenya portal now being replicated in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania has helped strengthen the agency’s position as a focal point for the e-commerce.
The interest in KenTrade has grown ever since the agency successfully hosted the International Conference on Single Window System and the Africa Alliance of E-commerce (AAEC) summit in Nairobi in 2017, The Agency has continued to showcase its success in global forums on Trade Facilitation in Geneva, (Switzerland) Buenos Aires (Argentina), Casablanca (Morocco) and in Istanbul (Turkey). KenTrade has hosted benchmarking delegations from Ethiopia, Cameroun, Ghana and Nigeria in quick succession over the last three years.

Mr Elisha Usoro(right), leader of the Nigerian delegation from the Nigerian Ports Authority receive a present from KenTrade CEO Mr Amos Wangora(left)

The delegations mostly from state agencies said they were referred to KenTrade based on its reputation arising from what has been showcased in regional and global forums.
The latest interest is from the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC). Acting Director of Trade Facilitation Mr. Daniel Kiange led the KenTrade officials in hosting the President of Federation of Congolese Abroad Mr. Jean Paul Ilunga and Secretary Mr. Buhendwa Kabanda Olibisire at our head office in Nairobi.
The organization is based in Nairobi is keen on how its members who use the Kenyan ports and the Northern Corridor for international trade can benefit from KenTrade’s interventions in trade logistics challenges.
They were excited to learn about the numerous initiatives of KenTrade including the efforts with the DRC based agency OGEFREM.
Of interest was the InfoTrade Kenya Portal which has the French language version.
The meeting explored ways on how KenTrade can partner with import and export traders forum to help facilitate cross border trade along the Northern Corridor and the Mombasa Port.

Contact Centre Assistant Joan Soita explains the operations to the visiting team from Cameroun (back left) and KenTrade’s representatives
Emmanuel Arku (fourth left) and Fred Dartey(Second right)from Ghana Shippers Authority with officials from KenTrade and the Kenya Maritime Authority at KenTrade’s head office during a benchmarking visit in May 2018




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