Big win for KenTrade as Abud leads team in major accomplishment

The Agency’s ICT department has this month achieved a key milestone in its core mandate, of maintaining and managing the Kenya National Electronic Single Window System. The Kenya TradeNet System was this past weekend (2nd to 4th Feb 2018) switched over to the new Secondary Site located at the East Africa Data Centre (EADC).  The ICT team has for the last several months been painstakingly hard at work to deliver this key organizational objective, which is one of the Board of Director’s critical.

Acting Manager for Information, Technology and Infrastructure Mr Mahsen Abud (centre backrow) with ICT team at the East Africa Data Centro. Joining the team was Joy Kiwango  and Kevin Too (Project Management)

Deliverables as outlined in the KenTrade Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020. With the migration of the TradeNet System to a more robust, resilient, stable and modern ICT Infrastructure environment, the country is set to enjoy enhanced Single Window Services on this modern infrastructure. The former primary site will now be utilized as the failover site in the event of a disaster at the new primary site that renders it un operational. The Secondary site project team was led by Mahsen Abud, Acting Manager IT and Infrastructure. Other key players in the project included the Crim
son logic, vendors of the TradeNet system, Oracle systems support partner GestaltGild, and Secondary Site implementation vendor, Africa Neurotech Ltd (Currently rebranded to Atlancis Kenya). The TradeNet switchover was a marathon ICT activity that commenced on the evening of 3rd February 2018 and ended with a successful switchover on the evening of 4th February 2018. This is in line with KenTrade’s target of maintaining 99.982% system uptime as envisioned in the KenTrade Strategic Plan 2016-2020. The new primary site is a huge win for KenTrade as it is the only state agency that can boast of a truly modern ICT infrastructure for its mission critical system.




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