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UCR Numbers

A UCR is a specific reference number used for a trade transaction which is system generated in the early stages of the trade cycle.


Permits/Licenses are clearance documents issued by regulatory authorities that authorize the importation and exportation of goods.


This refers to the tax exemption on importation/exportation of particular goods as guided by the Government of Kenya.

Impending Arrival Report (IAR)

The vessel arrival report allows Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) involved in ship clearance procedures, to plan on the resources required to support vessel operations.

Marine Cargo Insurance

The Kenyan Govt. mandates that all imports shall be insured locally.

KenTrade in partnership with Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) has automated marine cargo certificates to receive all marine covers issued by insurers.

Trade Information & Procedure

The information for trade portal offers a step-by-step guide on trade procedures required for the importation and exportation of goods.


KenTrade offers training services at a fee to guide new registered users and equip traders with the knowledge required to navigate the Trade Facilitation Platform.

Optional Premium Services

Our Contact Centre facilitates traders to carry out various trade processes efficiently and effectively at a nominal fee.




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