KenTrade Eases Trade Documentation Processes In Kenya With New Optional Premium Services

Import and Export traders in Kenya can now enjoy the convenience of personalised care following decision by Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade), to boost their business climate with new offers that enables them to decide how they want to be served.

The state agency announced the introduction of optional premium support services that targets traders who prefer the convenience of having their cargo clearance documents processed for them by the Agency’s staff.

Director Trade Facilitation Ms. Rose Ronoh said that the new services are aimed at easing trade processes for traders offering greater convenience and ease. She emphasized that this optional premium support services are targeted at people who prefer the convenience of having their documents processed for them.

“KenTrade is deliberately making the international trade business in Kenya more fan, simpler and convenient for our willing customers, those who are constrained with time but are willing to pay Kenya Shillings 300 fee per service” she said. The new premium will enable traders to quickly, conveniently and easily get help to process their documents faster. Details of the fees are available on KenTrade website.

KenTrade is also equipping the Import and Export trade community in Kenya with the necessary skills to navigate the Covid19 crisis with ease via the online cargo clearance online platform, Kenya TradeNet System and the platform on simplification of trade procedures in Kenya, the Infotradekenya.We portal.

“We have revised our training and certification programs on the Kenya TradeNet System whose use is mandatory for importers and exporters. The Agency  is offering online training sessions under strict Covid -19 protocol and have also reviewed the training fees to match the operational costs and needs of our customers in respective regions” said Ms Ronoh.

The Agency has also introduced a Kenya Shillings 5000 Training Facilitation Fee for traders who require urgent training and certification for the mandatory use of the Kenya TradeNet System for import and export business including for the recently introduced online processing of permit application and fee payment of the Duty Remission for cargo destined for East Africa.

The System provides the trading community and all stakeholders with a single access point for all external trade related services and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. It has over the years had a significant impact in trade logistics in Kenya by simplifying and streamlining trade processes and procedures.

For a seamless access and utilization of the System, it is important for traders and Partner Government Agencies to equip themselves with skills that will allow them to navigate the Kenya TradeNet System. This can be done by registering for training at:

KenTrade has also eased the process of the payment of its premium services by making it possible for customers to pay using their mobile phones via the MPESA Pay Bill Business Number 9500000 with the Account Name being the Users Company Name.




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