Stakeholders meet on Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

CEO Amos Wangora with stakeholders representatives from the Mombasa Port &Northern Corridor Community Charter at the KenTrade head office, Nairobi

We hosted representatives of the Mombasa Port &Northern Corridor Community Charter stakeholders for a consultative meeting on gathering requirements for the Business Intelligence tool, Integration Layer & Data Warehouse project.The Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse project is expected to facilitate monitoring of key performance indicators in the Port Charter by providing a central database of trade statistics and a business intelligence tool for data analytics.

KenTrade is a member of the Port Charter & chairs the ICT subcommittee tasked with automating data collection for the port charter secretariat. The meeting was attended by the three subcommittees of the port charter secretariat. ICT Subcommittee, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee and Communications Subcommittee. The meeting was chaired by KenTrade Director for IT Infrastructure, Innovation & Information Security Ms. Anne Waweru & co-chaired by Ms. Ellah Kyangu of the Kenya Maritime Secretariat which is the Port Charter Secretariat.




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