What is “I-Screen System” and why does it matter? We answer this and much more


We answer some of the frequently asked questions on our latest product and value add service,the i-Screen Kenya System  which is being implemented in partnership with the World Compliance Technologies(WCT).

  1. What is the i-Screen Kenya System?

The i-Screen Kenya System  portal is a solution for screening potential trading partners globally against lists of sanctioned or high-risk people or organizations.

  1. What is Watchlist screening?

Screening is the checking of names with which a person or company is transacting with, against a database containing names of people or companies who are known to have committed fraud, are wanted and/or convicted, or are known to have traded illegally.

  1. What lists does the I-Screen Kenya System source its data from?   

 The system checks from globally renowned lists such as Interpol, FBI etc.

  1. Why does I-Screen Kenya System matters to our economy?

The service will prevent fraud, lost revenues, help business and traders manage global risks and appeal across all industries. The solutions work across Trade through to Banking, Insurance and beyond as an easy to use screening solution, focusing on making the important information easily accessible with just an internet connection from any device.  The new service offering, will revolutionize the way – compliance checks have been done in Kenya and focuses on understanding your partners, vendors and customers.

Multiple access levels and system capabilities allow for a check on the go and quick clear responses. The portal is user friendly and visually appealing to the users, to help them find the specific information they need.i-Screen Kenya System will allow for greater trader and customer access to the information they are looking for and will help propel the vision of working closely with clients to enable trade compliance and streamlining processes.

  1. What will it cost me to use the I-Screen Kenya System?

The charges depend on the category you select or belongs to i.e. Individual, Bank, insurance, commercial or Digital Agent Cyber). The tariff can be accessed from the Website.

  1. How often are the lists updated?

The lists are always up to date and as and when new information is received. Any update takes up to 24hrs to be made live

  1. What is the update procedure?

The watch list is updated daily. The list has been maintained for over 10 years by obtaining the data directly from Federal Register and other government sources on a daily basis. The time lag between the Federal Register notice and World Compliance Technology’s(WCT) update is a maximum of 24 hrs. The data provided as part of the Watchlist screening database is recognized as the best in the industry. This data is used by the US Department of State and the US Department of Commerce. These agencies trust the database and know we will provide them with the quality that is unmatched.

  1. Do updates come from a third party or vendor?

No, a daily list is compiled directly from individual government sources (and in some cases, the consolidated list is provided back to government agencies for their own screening programs).

  1. Do we have a local Watch list for Kenya ?

Currently there is no list from Kenya. However, plans are underway to develop a local list.

  1. Can I create my own Watch list?

Yes, the user has the ability to create their own private Watchlist

  1. What is the up-time of the I-Screen Kenya System?

The system is available 24 hours

  1. How long does the I-Screen Kenya System store my screening history?

The Screening history will appear only if your subscription is up to date.

  1. When does my subscription expire?

It depends on the type of subscription. The system will send a reminder before the expiry date.

  1. What can I access when I log into the I-Screen Kenya System ?

Depending on the tariff you subscribe to, you will access the System as prescribed by the option you select.




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