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In order to realize the full benefits of the transactional Single Window System,  KNESW will be integrated with the National Payments System (NPS) through the National Payments Gateway. This enables provision of an end to end e-solution in trade transaction logistics in Kenya and will enable seamless electronic payment of duties/taxes due to Government for goods imported/exported processed through the single window platform. Once the Single Window System determines the fees, duties and taxes payable in a transaction, the collection of the fees, duties and taxes payable will be enabled through the interfacing of the Single window system to the National Payments System (NPS).

This integration will therefore, ensure an end to end e-solution where electronic documents will be used right from receipt of manifests, cargo declaration and approvals to payment of duties, taxes and other charges where applicable. Recently the National Payments Bill was passed by Parliament and will soon be enacted as Law. This then paves way for the construction and operationalisation of the National Payment System in Kenya.

To achieve these objectives, the Central Bank of Kenya has been working closely with KENTRADE, the Banking Industry (through Kenya Bankers Association) and other stakeholders. To fast-track these efforts, Central Bank of Kenya co-opted   KENTRADE to the National Payment Systems Operations Committee (NPSOC) membership. NPSOC is entrusted with formulating operational frameworks for implementation of payment systems being adopted by industry players.The funding for the National Payment System/Gateway was secured by Kentrade from Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF).

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